Let's Check CCL 2024: Punjab De Sher Complete Schedule and Fixtures

CCL 2024, the 10th season is going to start from 23rd February 2024, from the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah.

The Punjab De Sher are one of eight teams in the Celebrity Cricket League 2024 that are favorites and highly popular.

Date & Time: 25 Feb 2024 (2:30 PM IST) Vs: Chennai Rhinos Location: Sharjah

1st Match

Date & Time: 1 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Vs: Telugu Warriors Location: Hyderabad

2nd Match

Date & Time: 8 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Vs: Bengal Tigers Location: Chandigarh

3rd Match

Date & Time: 10 Mar 2024 (7 PM IST) Vs: Mumbai Heroes Location: Chandigarh

4th Match