CCL 2024 – Celebrity Cricket League Schedule, Fixtures, Date & Time

CCL Schedule

The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) is a one-of-a-kind tournament that combines the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry with the passion and excitement of cricket. The league features teams representing different regional film industries in India, such as Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali.

CCL 2024 Schedule

What sets the CCL apart from other cricket leagues is the fact that the teams consist of actors, directors, and producers who are also avid cricket fans. This adds a unique flavor to the tournament as fans get to see their favorite celebrities play the sport they love.

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2024: Full Schedule, Date, and Venue

Date & TimeMatchVenueResult
23 Feb 2024Mumbai Heroes Vs Kerala StrikersSharjahMumbai Heroes Won by 9 runs
24 Feb 2024Bhojpuri Dabanggs Vs Telugu WarriorsSharjahTelugu Warriors Won by 8 runs
24 Feb 2024Bengal Tigers Vs Kerala StrikersSharjahBengal Tigers Won by 33 runs
25 Feb 2024Punjab De Sher Vs Chennai RhinosSharjahChennai Rhinos Won by 41 runs
25 Feb 2024Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Mumbai HeroesSharjahKarnataka Bulldozers Won by 38 runs
1 Mar 2024Bhojpuri Dabanggs Vs Chennai RhinosHyderabadChennai Rhinos won by 7 wickets
1 Mar 2024 Punjab De Sher Vs Telugu WarriorsHyderabadTelugu Warriors won by 5 wickets
2 Mar 2024Bengal Tigers Vs Karnataka BulldozersHyderabadKarnataka Bulldozers Won by 30 Runs
2 Mar 2024Kerala Strikers Vs Telugu WarriorsHyderabadKerala Strikers won by 1 run
3 Mar 2024 Mumbai Heroes Vs Bhojpuri DabanggsHyderabadMumbai Heroes by 1 run
3 Mar 2024 Chennai Rhinos Vs Karnataka BulldozersHyderabadKarnataka Bulldozers won by 67 runs
8 Mar 2024 Punjab De Sher Vs Bengal TigersMohaliBengal Tigers won by 26 runs
9 Mar 2024Bhojpuri Dabanggs Vs Bengal TigersMohaliBengal Tigers won by 71 runs
9 Mar 2024Mumbai Heroes Vs Punjab De SherMohaliMumbai Heroes won by 10 wickets
10 Mar 2024Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Telugu WarriorsThiruvananthapuramTelugu Warriors won by 4 wickets
10 Mar 2024Kerala Strikers Vs Chennai RhinosThiruvananthapuramChennai Rhinos won by 9 wickets
15 Mar 2024
Chennai Rhinos Vs Mumbai HeroesThiruvananthapuramMumbai Heroes won by 8 wickets
(Qualifier 1)
15 Mar 2024
Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Bengal TigersThiruvananthapuramKarnataka Bulldozers won by 8 wickets
(Qualifier 2)
16 Mar 2024
Bengal Tigers Vs Mumbai HeroesThiruvananthapuramBengal Tigers won by 10 runs
17 Mar 2024
Karnataka Bulldozers Vs Bengal TigersThiruvananthapuramBengal Tigers won by 12 runs

CCL Schedule 2023, Date, and Venue

18 Feb 2023Bengal Tigers vs Karnataka BulldozersRaipurKarnataka win by 8 wickets
18 Feb 2023Chennai Rhinos vs Mumbai HeroesRaipurChennai win by 10 wickets
19 Feb 2023Kerala Strikers vs Telugu WarriorsRaipurTelugu Warriors win by 64 runs
19 Feb 2023Punjab De Sher vs Bhojpuri DabanggsRaipurBhojpuri Dabanggs win by 25 runs
25 Feb 2023Chennai Rhinos vs Bhojpuri DabanggsJaipurBhojpuri Dabanggs win by 8 wickets
25 Feb 2023Bengal Tigers vs Telugu WarriorsJaipurTelugu Warriors win by 8 wickets
26 Feb 2023Kerala Strikers vs Karnataka BulldozersJaipurKarnataka Bulldozers win by 8 wickets
26 Feb 2023Punjab De Sher vs Mumbai HeroesJaipurMumbai Heroes win by 22 runs
04 Mar 2023Punjab De Sher vs Telugu WarriorsBangalorePunjab won by 6 wickets
04 Mar 2023Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka BulldozersBangaloreKarnataka Bulldozers won by 6 wickets
05 Mar 2023Bengal Tigers vs Bhojpuri DabanggsThiruvananthapuramBhojpuri Dabanggs won by 5 wickets
05 Mar 2023Kerala Strikers vs Mumbai HeroesThiruvananthapuramMumbai Heroes won by 7 runs
11 Mar 2023Kerala Strikers vs Bhojpuri DabanggsJodhpurBhojpuri Dabanggs won by75 runs
11 Mar 2023Punjab De Sher vs Karnataka BulldozersJodhpurKarnataka Bulldozers won by 8 wickets
12 Mar 2023Chennai Rhinos vs Telugu WarriorsJodhpurChennai Rhinos won by 20 runs
11 Mar 2023Bengal Tigers vs Mumbai HeroesJodhpurMumbai Heroes won by 16 runs
24 Mar 2023Semi Final 1
Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs Mumbai Heroes
VisakhapatnamBhojpuri Dabanggs won by 6 wicket
24 Mar 2023Semi Final 2
Karnataka Bulldozers vs Telugu Warriors
VisakhapatnamTelugu Warriors won by 6 wickets
25 Mar 2023Final
Telugu Warriors vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs
VisakhapatnamTelugu Warriors won by 9 wickets

Over the years, CCL has attracted a huge following not only in India but also in other parts of the world. The league has produced some thrilling moments on the field, with several nail-biting finishes and outstanding individual performances.

Apart from being a platform for celebrities to showcase their cricketing skills, CCL also raises awareness about social issues and supports various charitable causes. This adds a sense of purpose to the tournament and makes it even more meaningful for the players and fans.

The Celebrity Cricket League is an innovative and exciting concept that has captured the imagination of millions of fans worldwide. It is a testament to the passion and enthusiasm of both the entertainment industry and the sport of cricket.

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