Legends League Cricket 2023: 24 runs in one over! Gayle broke bat while batting

Scored 24 runs in five balls in one over. He broke the bat when he hit a boundary. In the end, he returned to the dressing room after playing a devastating innings of 52 runs. Trademark Chris Gayle was spotted in Legends League cricket on Wednesday. Who hits with a hit rate of 192.59. Hit eight fours and two sixes. But amidst all this, the scene where Gayle’s bat broke while hitting a four went viral on social media. After watching the video, netizens said: No matter how much free time you take, you remain gay. The problem with the “universe boss” remains.

Gayle broke bat while batting

Bhilwara Kings vs Gujarat Giants Match 4

Gujarat Giants’ Gayle boosted his spirits as he opened the Legends League cricket against Villa Kings on Wednesday. He kept trying to hit four or six in his typical fashion. Meanwhile, his opening partner Jacques Kallis was run out in the first of the fourth over. The former South African star of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) was left fuming after being eliminated after winning the IPL. In the sixth over, Ryan hit the side bat.

He made the second shot of the sixth round. Then wash the side bottom. Hit the second ball over it. The third ball went over the boundary again. The fourth ball is four. The result of the fifth and sixth balls is the same. That means the former England pacer scored 24 runs in five balls of the over. In that match, he scored a half-century off 23 balls from 26 runs.

But despite all this, the video from the fourth ball of the sixth over went viral on social media. Gayle’s bat breaks as he says this. The sidebar speed shortcut shot towards the additional cover. The bat breaks as soon as it touches the ball. Looking ahead to the dressing room, the former West Indies star wants a new bat. At this point the ball crosses the boundary. In the end, Gayle was got out after scoring 52 runs.