Welcome to the CCL Cricket

CCL Cricket is a unique sports event that brings together celebrities from the Indian film industry to play cricket. It has become a highly popular tournament in India and has gained a significant following worldwide.

We will explore the history of the CCL, the participating teams, the format of the tournament, and its impact on the film industry and society.

CCL Cricket

History of the CCL

The Celebrity Cricket League was founded in 2011, with the objective of promoting cricket among celebrities and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their skills. The tournament was an instant hit among cricket and movie enthusiasts, and it has since grown to become a highly anticipated annual event. Since 2011 till now till 2024 it has had 10 seasons. The Latest Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2024 was held from 23rd Feb to 17th Mar 2024.

CCL Teams

Punjab De Sher CCL Team Logo
Punjab De Sher
Mumbai Heroes CCL Team Logo
Mumbai Heroes
Kerala Strikers CCL Team Logo
Kerala Strikers
Bhojpuri Dabanggs CCL Team Logo
Bhojpuri Dabanggs
Karnataka Bulldozers CCL Team Logo
Karnataka Bulldozers
Chennai Rhinos CCL Team Logo
Chennai Rhinos
Telugu Warriors CCL Team Logo
Telugu Warriors
Bengal Tigers CCL Team Logo
Bengal Tigers

CCL Team Captains

Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood
(Punjab De Sher)
Riteish Deshmukh
Riteish Deshmukh
(Mumbai Heroes)
Kunchacko Boban
Kunchacko Boban
(Kerala Strikers)
akhil akkineni
Akhil Akkineni
(Telugu Warriors)
(Chennai Rhinos)
(Karnataka Bulldozers)
Manoj Tiwari
Manoj Tiwari
(Bhojpuri Dabanggs)
Jisshu Sengupta
Jisshu Sengupta
(Bengal Tigers)

News & Updates

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Tournament Format

In 2023, the Celebrity Cricket League introduced a new format that resembles a Test match. This format involves four innings, with each team playing two innings of 10 overs each. If Team A wins the toss and chooses to bat first, then Team B gets a chance to chase the target. Thereafter, Team A will bat again and Team B will try to chase the combined total from both innings.

CCL Impact

The Celebrity Cricket League has a significant impact on the Indian film industry, with many celebrities participating in the tournament and becoming popular among cricket fans. The tournament has also provided an opportunity for celebrities from different film industries to interact with each other, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.