CCL 2024 – Celebrity Cricket League Points Table, Standings

CCL Points Table

The CCL Points Table is updated regularly, reflecting the latest standings of the teams in the tournament. Points are awarded based on the outcome of each match, with two points awarded for a win, one point for a tie or no result, and zero points for a loss.

The point table plays a crucial role in determining the semifinalists and finalists of the tournament. The top four teams on the point table at the end of the league stage qualify for the semifinals, with the winners of the semifinals playing in the final to determine the champion.

CCL 2024: Celebrity Cricket League 2024 Points Table, Team Standings

1Karnataka Bulldozers (Q)43161.375
2Bengal Tigers (Q)43161.250
3Chennai Rhinos (Q)43160932
4Mumbai Heroes (Q)43160.462
5Telugu Warriors (E)43160.456
6Kerala Strikers (E)4132-1.223
7Punjab De Sher (E)4040-1.560
8Bhojpuri Dabbangs (E)4040-1.560

Note: The top 4 teams will qualify for playoffs

CCL 2023: Celebrity Cricket League 2023 Points Table, Team Standings

1Karnataka Bulldozers4400082.438
2Bhojpuri Dabbangs4400082.175
3Mumbai Heroes431006-0.407
4Telugu Warriors4220040.746
5Chennai Rhinos4220040.561
6Punjab De Sher413002-1.689
7Bengal Tigers404000-1.276
8Kerala Strikers404000-2.407

Apart from showcasing the performance of each team, the CCL point table also provides fans with valuable insights into the tournament’s progress. Fans can track the teams’ progress, analyze the performances of individual players, and make predictions about the future of the tournament.

The CCL point table is an essential component of the tournament and provides fans with a comprehensive overview of the tournament’s progress. It adds another layer of excitement to the tournament and helps fans stay informed about the latest developments in the tournament.