CCL Format – Understand Celebrity Cricket League Format 2024

Cricket, often referred to as a religion in some parts of the world, has a unique charm that transcends boundaries and demographics. In India, cricket is not just a sport; it’s an emotion that unites millions of fans. To add a dash of glamour and entertainment to the cricketing world, the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) was born. In this article, we delve into the exact format of the Celebrity Cricket League and how it brings together the cricket and entertainment.

The Birth of Celebrity Cricket League

The Celebrity Cricket League, often abbreviated as CCL, is a T10 (ten overs per side) cricket league that combines the star power of the Indian film industry with the excitement of cricket. Established in 2011, CCL was created to give film celebrities an opportunity to showcase their cricketing skills and entertain their fans while also raising funds for charitable causes.

Celebrity Cricket League Format

CCL Format 2024

Group BGroup A
Punjab De SherBengal Tigers
Kerala StrikersChennai Rhinos
Karnataka BulldozersMumbai Heroes
Bhojpuri DabanggsTelugu Warriors

The Celebrity Cricket League follows a format that combines elements of both cricket and entertainment. Here’s how it works:

  1. T10 Format: In 2023, the CCL introduced a new format that resembles a Test match. This format involves four innings, with each team playing two innings of 10 overs each. If Team A wins the toss and chooses to bat first, then Team B gets a chance to chase the target. Thereafter, Team A will bat again and Team B will try to chase the combined total from both innings.
  2. Round-Robin League: The tournament usually begins with a round-robin league stage where all teams play against each other in a predetermined number of matches. The results of these matches determine the standings on the points table.
  3. Semi-Finals: After the round-robin stage, the top teams in the points table qualify for the semi-finals. Typically, the top four teams proceed to the semi-finals.
  4. Finals: The winners of the semi-finals face off in the grand finale to determine the CCL champion.
  5. Star-Studded Matches: One of the highlights of CCL is the participation of film celebrities in each team. These stars not only play the role of players but also entertain the audience with their on-field antics and camaraderie.
  6. Charitable Initiatives: CCL has a strong philanthropic aspect. The league often raises funds for various charitable causes, and proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorship deals are directed towards these initiatives.

The Teams

CCL consists of various franchise teams, each representing a different film industry in India. Some of the prominent teams include:

  1. Mumbai Heroes: Representing Bollywood.
  2. Chennai Rhinos: Representing the Tamil film industry (Kollywood).
  3. Telugu Warriors: Representing the Telugu film industry (Tollywood).
  4. Kerala Strikers: Representing the Malayalam film industry (Mollywood).
  5. Karnataka Bulldozers: Representing the Kannada film industry (Sandalwood).
  6. Bengal Tigers: Representing the Bengali film industry (Tollywood).
  7. Bhojpuri Dabbangs: Representing the Bhojpuri film industry.
  8. Punjab De Sher: Representing the Punjab film industry.


The Celebrity Cricket League format is a unique blend of cricket and entertainment, bringing together the glamour of the Indian film industry and the passion for cricket. With its T10 format, star-studded line-ups, and charitable initiatives, CCL has managed to capture the hearts of fans across India. While the league may not be as competitive as international cricket, it certainly adds a touch of glitz and glamour to the sport, making it a must-watch event for cricket and cinema enthusiasts alike.