Get ready for Celebrity Cricket Carnival from 18th feb in Australia

Celebrity Cricket Carnival’s first season begins on February 18, 2024, in Melbourne, Australia. In this blend of cricket and movies, 15 South Indian actors compete against local talent in a cricket action.

The Tollywood Cricket Association (TCA), established in 2006 by stars Srikanth and Tharun and recognized for its global professional games, has joined up with Celebrity Cricket Carnival Aus Pty Ltd to spread joy over the world via the love of cricket.

Season 1, the idea of Sai Krishna and Vamshi Vuppaladadium, is a turning point in celebrity cricket history. Today’s official announcement reveals the official sponsors and players who will embark on a lavish cricket journey Down Under next month.

With 15 popular South Indian actors competing against Australian League cricketers, the event promises to be thrilling and exciting. This one-of-a-kind association is the first-ever eye-catching cricket match featuring a squad of South Indian superstars seeking to display their cricketing abilities in a tough competition against local Australian opponents.

Prepare to experience magic when cricket and cinema clash in a magnificent show of skill and enjoyment.