Tiigers of Kolkata pulled off a mammoth win over Majhi Mumbai in the ISPL 2024

Indian Street Premier League is a tennis ball cricket league that is at its peak, and all the teams are trying their best to remain at the top of the table. The same was seen today between the Tigers of Kolkata and Mumbai Majhi. It was an exciting cricket match, and the result was beyond everyone’s imagination.

Tiigers Of Kolkata Vs Majhi Mumbai Match 5

It was the third day of ISPL 2024. We had two matches back-to-back (match No. 4 and match No. 5).
Match No. 4:- Bangalore Strikers Vs Chennai Singams. 
Match No. 5:- Tiigers of Kolkata Vs Majhi Mumbai. Let’s have a look at the Match No. 5 highlights.

Majhi Mumbai won the Tip-Top and was elected to the field; and invited the Tiigers of Kolkata to bat first.

The Tiigers of Kolkata took a great advantage of their batting and gave the target of 72 runs to Majhi Mumbai. Fardeen Kazi played well; he scored 14 runs on 16 balls and also hit once 6s; Prathamesh Pawar showed his mind-blowing technique and scored 16 runs on 10 balls with twice 6s; and last but not least, Bhavesh Pawar changed the game and hit one 4 and one 6 back-to-back; he scored 16 runs on 10 balls.

Majhi Mumbai won the toss, but when it comes to batting with a chase a target of 72 runs, only Raviraj Ahire played his best, scoring 11 runs on 8 balls and hitting twice 4s in the field; Yogesh Penkar scored 11 runs on 8 balls with one 4; and Murali A Murali scored 8 runs on 7 balls with two 4s; both tried to compete with the target.

At the end of the match, Majhi Mumbai and Tiigers of Kolkata, in a low scoring match Tigers of Kolkata won by 26 runs.

Tiigers of Kolkata, 71/6 (10)

The Tigers of Kolkata’s batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge won and runs lost: -3

Bhavesh Pawar, 16(10)
Prathamesh Pawar, 16(10)
Fardeen Kazi, 14 (16)

Bashrat Hussain Wani, 2-3 (1)
Murali A. Murali 1–5 (1)
Ravi Gupta 1-9 (2)

Majhi Mumbai 45/10 (8.2)

Majhi Mumbai Batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge lost and runs lost: -1

Raviraj Ahire, 11 (8)
Yogesh Penkar, 9 (7)
Murali A. Murali 8(7)

Bhavesh Pawar 3-7 (1.2)
Shivam Kumar 2-2 (1)
Jonty Sarkar, 2-2 (1)

ISPL Match 5 Awards 

Catch of the Match Award won by Ravi Gupta
Man of the Match Award won by Shivam Kumar