Is Bobby Deol Cricketer? When he played in CCL? Know Everything

Is Bobby Deol a cricketer? When did he play in CCL? Is Bobby Deol playing cricket? Get to know everything.

On the internet right now, everyone or most of Bobby Deol fans are asking, Is Bobby Deol a Cricketer? When did he used to play cricket? What Bobby Deol does in CCL. So first, let us tell you know that yes, he is a very good cricketer. He used to play cricket in the tournament called CCL. CCL stands for Celebrity Cricket League.

Bobby Deol cricketer

Bobby Deal used to bowl spinn bowl. He used to play for the Mumbai Heroes team from the Celebrity Cricket League. Let us tell you that CCL is the tournament that plays only between actors, directors, and other members of the film industry.

That tournament helps between different films and industries that compete with each other. Then an upcoming tournament will be held on February 23, 2024.