ISPL Match 8: Chennai Singams lost the game by 21 runs to Majhi Mumbai

ISPL 2024 Fifth day, we are back with our energy. The concept is the same as in previous matches: 2 matches back-to-back (matches 8 and 9).
Match-8: Majhi Mumbai vs. Chennai Singams 
Match 9: Bangalore Strikers vs. Srinagar Ke Veer. Highlights of Match-8 are given below.

Chennai Singams lost the game by 21 runs to Majhi Mumbai

Majhi Mumbai Luck at its peak won the toss and chose Bat first. The total score for Majhi Mumbai was 149-5 within 10 overs. Majhi Mumbai gave the target to the Chennai Singams of 150 runs to win. Here are the batting players with their extremely enthusiastic performances. Abhishek Kumar Dalhor scored 42 runs on 23 balls with two 4s and four 6s. Vijay Pawle scored 41 runs on 17 balls with an extreme speed of four 6s, and Ashraf Khan scored 13 runs on only three balls with two 6s.

Chennai Singams got the target of 150 runs. It seems like it’s kind of difficult for them, but here are some players performances that make the match  interesting. Ketan Mhatre crossed all the boundaries and lifted the match in his veer style, scoring 60 runs on 21 balls with an unbelievable nine hits of 6s. Vishwanath Jadhav with 23 runs on 12 balls (one 4 and two 6s) and Bablu Patil with 17 runs on 7 balls only gain one 4s. Bablu seems like he didn’t have Idli Sambar in breakfast jokes apart moves to the result

The performance of today’s match can make you all guess the winner easily. Chennai Singams tried their best to win the challenge. Majhi Mumbai won the match by 21 runs.

Majhi Mumbai 149-5 (10)

Majhi Mumbai Batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge won and runs earned: +10

Abhishek Kumar Dalhor, 42 (23)
Vijay Pawle, 41 (17)
Ashraf Khan, 13 (3)

Vishwanath Jadhav, 2–21 (2)
Farman Khan, 2-33 (2)
R.Thavith Kumar 1-12 (2)

Chennai Singams 128-9 (10)

Chennai Singham’s batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge lost and runs earned: +8

Khetan Mhatre, 60 (21)
Vishwanath Jadhav, 23 (12)
Bablu Patil 17 (7)

Abhishek Kumar Dalhor, 3-19 (2)
Devid Gogoi, 3-22 (2)
Vijay Pawle 1-32 (2)

Chennai Singams vs Majhi Mumbai Match 8 Awards 

Catch of the Match Award won by Vijay Pawle 
Man of the Match Award won by Abhishek Kumar Dalhor