Jisshu Sengupta shines at CCL 2024 Promo launch at Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Jisshu Sengupta works a lot in Bollywood and South Indian films. He is also active in Bengali films. Now a new feather has been added to his crown. Along with Salman Khan, Sonu Sood, Sohail Khan and Allu Arjun, Jisshu Sengupta’s portrait was featured on Burj Khalifa, the iconic tower in Dubai with the promo launch of CCL 2024.

The prestigious significance of Burj Khalifa is to release trailers of Shah Rukh Khan’s films. Jisshu is perhaps the first Tollywood hero to achieve this feat. His fans are thrilled. Jisshu was present when the event took place in Dubai.

Jisshu Sengupta at CCL 2024 Promo launch at Burj Khalifa
Jisshu Sengupta at CCL 2024 Promo Launch

It happened as the start of the 10th CCL. The big launch of the Celebrity Cricket League took place in Dubai. Due to Covid, it didn’t happen for four years. The actors traveled to Dubai together for the occasion.

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This cricket league features the country’s film stars and television stars. It is an amateur league in which eight teams from across India take part. The advertisement took place at the Burj Khalifa. Salman and Sohail from Mumbai Heroes were shown first. Then Bengal Tigers were shown. Jisshu Sengupta is the captain of the team. He beamed in the team’s red jersey.

“The 10th CCL event and its inaugural event will take place in Dubai. Nothing can be bigger than that. A wonderful start.” – Jisshu Sengupta (Captain of Bengal Tigers Caption)

The CCL starts on February 23rd and will take place in Dubai and Sharjah. The Bengal Tigers include Saurav Das, Rahul Majumder, Jammy Banerjee, Indrasish Roy, Uday Pratap Singh and others. The other teams are Bhojpuri Dabangs, Chennai Rhinos, Kerala Strikers, Mumbai Heroes, Punjab De Sher, Telugu Warriors and Karnataka Bulldozers.