Match Highlights: Chennai Singams won by 5 runs against the Tiigers of Kolkata in the ISPL 2024

ISPL has started on March 6th, a tennis ball cricket tournament in which the players will not be any big celebrities. The players will be taken directly to the stadium, and they have been selected on a registration and trial basis. It’s the second day of ISPL 2024, and today’s match was the Chennai Singams vs. Tiigers of Kolkata. Both teams are best in their own way. Let’s have a look at the match highlights.

Chennai Singams Vs Tiigers Of Kolkata 2nd Match

Chennai Singams won the tip-top and was elected for the batting first. The total score of the Chennai Singams was 121 runs on 5 wickets within 10 overs. Sagar Ali lifted the match with 34 runs on 17 balls, also hitting 4 times 6s. Bablu Patil gave a hard challenge to the Tigers of Kolkata with 23 runs on 8 balls, also hit 1 times 4s and 3 times 6s. Bablu has played so well (Not Out).

As we have seen, the Chennai Singams gave the tough target (122) to the Tiigers of Kolkata. Still, Tiigers of Kolkata players tried well and archived 113 runs on 8 wickets in 10 overs. Jonty Sarkar played much better than the other players, with 23 runs on 9 balls with 1 times 4s and 3 times 6s, Fardeen Kazi tried his best and scored 21 runs on 9 balls with 2 times 4s and 2 times 6s.

After the fair match, now you can guess the winner. Yes, exactly Chennai Singams was the winner of the match by 8 RUNS. The Tiigers of Kolkata were kind of close, but here Chennai Singams showed an excellent performance. 

Chennai Singams 121-5

Chennai Singams Batting and Bowling performances are as follows, 50-50 Challenge runs lost: -7


Sagar 34 (17)
Bablu 23* (8)
Mhatre 16 (7)


Thavith 4-13 (2)
Vishwanath 2–9 (2)
Farman 1-32 (2)

Tigers of Kolkata 113-8

Tigers of Kolkata Batting and Bowling performances are as follows, 50-50 Challenge runs lost: -4


Prathamesh 42 (22)
Jonty 23 (9)
Fardeen 21 (9)


Bhavesh 2-16 (2)
Shivam 1-22 (2)
Mukhiya 1-26 (2)

Match 2 Awards

Man of the Match Award won by R. Thavith Kumar

Catch of the Match Award won by Vishwanath Jadeja