Match Highlights: Falcon Risers Hyderabad won by 7 wickets against the Bangalore Strikers in the ISPL 2024

ISPL started on March 6th, a tennis ball cricket tournament. The players will be taken directly to the stadium, and they have been selected on a registration and trial basis. It’s the second day of ISPL 2024, today we had two matches back-to-back (match no 2 and match no 3).

Match-3 was the Bangalore Strikers vs. Falcon Risers Hyderabad. Both teams are excited. Let’s take a look at the match highlights. Falcon Risers Hyderabad won the tip-top and elected to field first. Hyderabad! Hyderabad! Hyderabad! As they chose the field first, it made the game more interesting. Bowler Prathamesh Thakre gave a challenging situation to the Bangalore Strikers, and Krishna Satpute played the match with a lot of energy and scored 27 runs on 17 balls with 4s-1 and 6s-3.

Vishwajit Thakur (not out) with 20 runs, 13 balls, one 4 and two 6s, and Shreyas Kadam (not out)  with 4 runs in a single ball lifted the game with a total score of 77 runs on 3 wickets within 7 overs.

As we have already seen the performance of the Falcon Risers Hyderabad, let’s not take our eyes off the Bangalore Strikers. The total score is 66 runs on 10 wickets within 9.5 overs. Rahul Baghel (not out) gave his 100% to lift the match with 14 runs on 14 balls with one 6s, Bunty Patel 14/7, and Thomas Dias 11/10 also played well.

The winning Tip-Top and choosing Field as first already reflect the winning team, Hyderabad! Hyderabad! Hyderabad! Falcon Risers Hyderabad won by 7 wickets.

Bangalore Strikers 66-10

Bangalore Strikers batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge lost run: -3


Rahul Baghel 14* (14)
Bunty Patel 14 (7)
Thomas Dias 11 (10)


Prajjwal Somvanshi 2–12 (2)
Mansoor KL 1-19 (1)

Falcon Risers Hyderabad, 77-3

Falcon Risers Hyderabad’s batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge win and run earned: +9


Krishna Satpute 27 (17)
Vishwajit Thakur 20*(13)
Shreyas Kadam 4*(1)


Prathamesh Thakre 3-3 (0.5)
Vishwajit Thakur 2-16 (2)
Vicky Bhoir 2-17 (2)

Match 3 Awards 

Catch of the Match Award won by Prathamesh Thakre
Man of the Match Award was won by Vivek Mohanan