ISPL T10 2024 Srinagar Ke Veer Team Players List, Squads, Owner, Schedule

ISPL is the first ever kind of tennis ball cricket league and Srinagar Ke Veer is one of the top teams of the Indian Street Premier League. Team owners and selectors tried their best to pick and bid on the best talent of tennis ball players. Let’s have a look at the list of Srinagar Ke Veer’s players and owners.

Srinagar Ke Veer Logo

Srinagar Ke Veer Players 2024

  1. Mohammed Nadeem (Batting)
  2. Vineet Todkar (Batting)
  3. Sumesh B (Batting)
  4. Lokesh (All Rounder)
  5. Deepak Dogra (All Rounder)
  6. Ahmed Askari (All Rounder)
  7. Omkar Desai (All Rounder)
  8. Aishwary Surve (All Rounder)
  9. Pritam Bari (All Rounder)
  10. Rajesh Sorte (All Rounder)
  11. Bhushan Gole (All Rounder)
  12. Tanisk Naik (All Rounder)
  13. Kavinram Ramashbabu (Bowling)
  14. Rohit Yadav (Bowling)
  15. Navneet Parihar (Bowling)
  16. Aditya Babbar (Bowling)

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Srinagar Ke Veer Owner and Brand Ambassador

State: Jammu and Kashmir
Ownership: Mr. Akshay Kumar
Brand Ambassador: NA

Srinagar Ke Veer Matches Schedule 2024

Date & TimeVersusVenue
6 March 2024 (7:00 PM IST)Vs Majhi MumbaiDadoji Kondadev Stadium
9 March 2024 (7:30 PM IST)Vs Bangalore StrikersDadoji Kondadev Stadium
11 March 2024 (7:30 PM IST)Vs Falcon Risers HyderabadDadoji Kondadev Stadium
12 March 2024 (5:00 PM IST)Vs Chennai SingamsDadoji Kondadev Stadium
13 March 2024 (5:00 PM IST)Vs Tiigers Of KolkataDadoji Kondadev Stadium