Ind Vs Ned: Suryakumar Yadav won the fielder of the match medal by T. Dilip.

This time the best fielder of the match was given to Suryakumar yadav against Netherlands. This medal also given by the field coach T. Dilip, As like last match, this time name was announced in unique way, Coach T. Dilip asked to everyone to come out the dressing room, same like other matches this time also they arrange a unique way of announcement, Thit time all the contender names was announced on the big screen on the stadium, And after that T. Dilip announced the name of Suryakumar yadav(SKY).

Ind Vs Ned

Best Fielder Medal IND Vs Netherlands (NED)?

As after the other matches this time also Dilip first gave a small speech himself, appreciating the efforts of the team on the field before he said the winner of the best fielder medal of IND vs Netherlands.