PAK vs ENG CWC 2023: Will Pakistan be able to make it to the semi-finals, luck depends on the toss?

New Delhi: The decision on whether Pakistan cricket team will be able to make it to the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2023 or not will be taken today. Babar Azam and company will face England (ENG vs PAK) at the historic Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata a few hours from now. In this match, as soon as the coin is tossed, it can be decided whether Pakistan’s journey will progress in the World Cup or it will come to a halt. With Sri Lanka’s defeat against New Zealand, Pakistan team’s hopes of reaching the semi-finals were almost over. Although there are some chances, it will be confirmed today i.e. on Saturday 11th November. Overall, the decision on the fourth team of the semi-finals will be taken some time from now.

The teams of Pakistan and England are clashing in their last match. In this match, Pakistan will have to score a big score by winning the toss and batting first. After this they will have to defeat England by a huge margin of 287 runs. If Pakistan is successful in doing this, then its semi-final ticket will be confirmed. Because in this situation its net-run rate will be ahead of New Zealand. At present the Kiwi team is ahead of Pakistan i.e. at fourth position with 0.743 net run rate, while the Pakistan team is at fifth position i.e. below New Zealand with 0.036 net run rate.

Pakistan will have to bat first after winning the toss.

The second equation is that if the England team wins the toss and decides to bat first, then at the same time the Pakistan team will be eliminated from the World Cup. In such a situation, we can say that Pakistan’s fate can be decided only at 1:30 pm i.e. before the start of the match. Pakistan had started the World Cup with a win but after two consecutive wins the team crash. India had derailed Pakistan from the track of victory, after which it kept losing many matches continuously.

India vs New Zealand semi-final almost decided

Three teams for the semi-finals have been decided while the decision on the fourth team will be taken today. South Africa will face Australia in the semi-finals while there is a 99% chance of India facing New Zealand. If the Kiwi team meets India in the semi-finals, then Team India will have to be cautious of this dark horse team. This team had given a deep wound to India in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup.