From Celebrities to Cricketers: A Recap of the Unique Sporting Event CCL 2024

CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) is a mixture of entertainment and competition. Here you can get entertainment industries, actions, and talent together. It’s the 10th season of the Celebrity Cricket League, which features teams representing film industries from Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Let’s have a look at the performance of each team.

CCL Teams and Captains

Sonu Sood (Punjab De Sher)
Kunchacko Boban (Kerala Strikers)
Akhil Akkineni (Telugu Warriors)
Manoj Tiwari (Bhojpuri Dabanggs)
Arya (Chennai Rhinos)
Riteish Deshmukh (Mumbai Heroes)
Pradeep (Karnataka Bulldozers)
Jisshu Sengupta (Bengal Tigers)

CCL 2024 Highlights


Match played: 4 won, 0 lost; the points table of this team doesn’t seem to be interested in playing a match. In CCL 2023, out of 4 matches, at least 1 was won by Punjab De Sher; unfortunately, this time they couldn’t achieve their goals.

The first match was with the Chennai Rhinos in Sharjah, and the Chennai Rhinos won by 41 runs, an extremely disappointing performance for Punjab De Sher. Their second match was with the Telugu Warriors, and they won by 5 wickets. This time they played harder but couldn’t win, and the last two matches were with the Bengal Tigers and Mumbai Heroes. They are already a well-known strong team, so it was impossible to win for Punjab De Sher. 


Match played 4 won 1 and lost 3, not that impressive performance, but still they tried harder. The first match of the league was Mumbai Heroes vs. Kerala Strikers; unfortunately, Kerala Strikers lost by 9 runs. As they reached their third match, which was with the Telugu Warriors, this time Kerala Strikers did not give a single chance to the Telugu Warriors to score. At the end, Kerala Strikers won by one run unbelievably and took their place in the points table.


Match played: 4 won, 3 lost, well, and good performance by the Telugu Warriors. The only match they lost was with the Kerala Strikers.
It seems like that day was a good day for the Kerala Strikers and a bad day for the Telugu Warriors because the Telugu Warriors were continuously winning all three matches and the Kerala Strikers were continuously losing all three matches, and the only game flipping was Telugu Warriors vs. Kerala Strikers. The Telugu Warriors played well enough to be on the stage.


Match played 4 won 0 lost 4, same as Punjab De Sher, they are only filled up with Bhojpuri entertainment and actions didn’t show any interest in match. First, they played with the Telugu Warriors and lost by 8 runs; second, they played with the Chennai Rhinos and won by 7 wickets. This was a totally known match: who was going to win in Bhojpuri Dabanggs vs. Chennai Rhinos? Obviously, the team that stayed till the semi-final. 


Match played: 4 won, 3 lost, 1 Chennai Rhinos was an all-time game changer; they always make the match for their winning side anyhow. The only match they lost was with the Karnataka Bulldozers. Losing this match was totally obvious because we have seen the Karnataka Bulldozers fill up with talented players.

All other matches Chennai Rhinos won were incredibly insane, like winning by 41 runs, 7 wickets, and 9 wickets. Their incredible performance selected them for the semi-final. They couldn’t make it to the final, but they marked their history forever.


Match played: 4 won, 3 lost. Heroes of Mumbai aren’t good at acting; they are also good at matches. It was only one match that they have lost with the Karnataka Bulldozers. 

Karnataka Bulldozers, with the name Bulldozers on every team, won by 38 runs. Mumbai Heroes played an absolutely fantastic game; they even selected them for the eliminator and won by 8 wickets. After that, they got selected for Qualifier 2, but unfortunately, some luck left you in the middle of your success. Bengal Tigers stole the chance of Mumbai Heroes of selection in the final. 


Match played: 4 won, 3 lost, with the name Bulldozers. All other teams accept their losses in the starting of the match itself, but only one match that is lost by the Karnataka Bulldozers is with the Telugu Warriors. We can say it was their luck to win; otherwise, Karnataka Bulldozers gave all the tough competition, cleared the semi-final, and reached the final. At the end, the final trophy is snatched by the Bengal Tigers. 


Match played 4 won 3 lost 1, also known as CCL 2024 WINNER, as we have seen the match where Bengal Tigers actually roared and made their record on record, only one match was between Bengal Tigers and Karnataka Bulldozers. Karnataka Bulldozers won by 30 runs. It seems like the Bengal Tigers weren’t energetic that day and missed one win. Still,  we have seen the Bengal Tigers escape the semi-final to reach the final, and the team Karnataka Bulldozers lost one time. This time, the Bengal Tigers snatched the whole trophy of the final and won the CCL 2024.