CCL Bangladesh: Actress Raj Ripa tears on camera and makes serious allegations against filmmakers

Raj Ripa’s video, in which she can be seen crying and showing the middle finger on camera while responding to a violent altercation during a Bangladesh Celebrity Cricket League match, has gone popular on the internet. In the video, the actress allegedly accused director Mostafa Kamal Raz and Sariful Razz of bullying her and threatening to damage her professional future. She posted another video on Facebook showing Sariful angrily swinging a bat near those surrounding him.

Actress Raj Ripa

Ripa reportedly said ‘When a water bottle was thrown, it ended up with Moushumi Apu. My reaction was to throw a chair, which didn’t hit anyone. During this, Sariful Razz approached us menacingly with his bat. Even a group of four or five people found it hard to control him. I had to share this video.’

Mostafa Kamal Raz, however, has rejected Ripa’s charges, claiming that such events are normally spontaneous and finish on the pitch. Labeling accusations against him as ‘baseless’, he reportedly said ‘There seems to be a misunderstanding between us. We intend to resolve this privately. I trust our senior artists to mediate and find a solution.’ For the unversed, the brawl incident started after a disagreement over a boundary not recognised by match officials quickly leading to a physical altercation between players from both Mostafa Kamal Raz and Dipankar Deepon’s teams.