Brawl in the Celebrity Cricket League sends stars to the hospital

The ‘Celebrity Cricket League’ in Bangladesh, which was intended to boost the morale of the national cricket team ahead of the World Cup, experienced an unexpected turn of events. A friendly match between the teams of filmmakers Mostafa Kamal Raz and Dipankar Dipon escalated into a heated altercation.

Despite attempts to restore normalcy, the situation worsened after the match, with players from both teams involved in heated exchanges. Actress Raj Ripa accused Mostafa Kamal Raz and actor Sariful Razz of physically assaulting her post-match. The injured players were admitted to the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation.

In the match itself, Mostafa Kamal Raz’s team won by 7 runs, scoring 119 runs in six overs against Dipankar Dipon’s team’s 112 runs. The event organizers and Dipankar Dipon indicated that an official statement would be issued soon┬╣.

The league was temporarily suspended due to this incident, but it is set to return later this month. The incident has been seen as an unexpected challenge for the league, which aimed to unite stars behind the national team.