Chennai Singams snatched victory by 3 runs from Bangalore Strikers in the ISPL 2024

It’s the third day of ISPL 2024. Today we had two matches back-to-back (match No. 4 and match No. 5).
Match No. 4:- Bangalore Strikers Vs Chennai Singams. 
Match No. 5:- Tiigers of Kolkata Vs Majhi Mumbai. Let’s have a look at the Match No. 4 highlights.

Bangalore Strikers won the Tip-Top and chose field as first. Today, Chennai Singams seems not too energetic but gave the target of 100 runs to Bangalore Strikers. The total score of the Chennai Singams was 99 runs on 7 wickets within 10 overs.

Bangalore Strikers Vs Chennai Singams Match 4

Khetan Mhatre scored 25 runs on 15 balls; he also hit one 4 and three 6s. Sagar Ali and Vishwanath Jadeja just played to cover the game, but at the end we saw Bablu Patil with 29 runs on 15 balls, also hitting triple 4s and twice a 6s.

Bangalore Strikers got the target of 100 runs, which seems like it’s not that tough, but the performance of Bangalore Strikers seems like they played the match with all their strength but still couldn’t score the goal. Masoor KL scored 22 runs on 16 balls and hit triplets of 6s in the middle of the match. Saroj Pramanik played before Mansoor KL and scored 15 runs on 8 balls and gave twice a 6s.

As we have covered the whole match of Chennai Singams vs. Bangalore Strikers, their performance shows fair results. Banglore Strikers proved that it’s not compulsory that if you win in a toss, you win the match. Chennai Singams gave the minimum target to win, but unfortunately, Bangalore Strikers can’t archive.

Chennai Singams 99/7 (10)

Chennai Singam’s batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge win and run lost: -3.


Bablu Patil 29 (15)
Ketan Mhatre 25 (15)
Sanjay Kanojjiya, 7 (5)


Saroj Pramanik, 2-13 (2)
Ashiq Ali Shamsu 1-16 (2)
Ankur Singh, 1-20 (2)

Bangalore Strikers 96/8 (10)

Bangalore Strikers batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge lost and runs earned: +13


Mansoor KL 22 (17)
Saroj Pramanik, 15 (8)
Ashiq Ali Shamsu, 9(4)


Dilip Binjwa, 3-4 (2)
Vishwanath Jadhav 1-16 (2)
Pankaj Patel 1–17 (2)

Match 4 Awards 

Catch of the Match Award won by Parv Lamba
The Man of the Match Award was won by Dilip Binjwa