ISPL Match Highlights: Srinagar Ke Veer shows Bangalore Strikers their talent and won by 4 wickets

It’s the fourth day of ISPL 2024, and we had two matches full of thrillers (matches 6 and 7).
Match 6: Falcon Risers Hyderabad vs. Majhi Mumbai
Match 7: Bangalore Strikers vs. Srinagar Ke Veer. Highlights of Match-7 are given below.

Srinagar Ke Veer vs Bangalore Strikers

The Bangalore Strikers luckily won the toss and chose Bat first. Total Score: 81 runs on 8 wickets within 10 overs, Bangalore Strikers gave the target of 82 runs, which isn’t that hard a challenge for Srinagar Ke Veer. Again, we saw Bablu Patil’s amazing batting skills and scored 25 runs on 11 balls with mind-blowing three 6s, Thomas Dias Batting hit the field’s edge and scored 21 runs on 12 balls with exciting one 4 and two 6s together, and Sunil Chawri played better with a score of 10 runs on 11 balls, hitting one 4 and one 6 The Bangalore Strikers played pretty well.

Here comes Srinagar Ke Veer, and they got the target of 83 runs; it seems like it’s pretty easy for them. Mohammed Nadeem (Not Out) crossed all the boundaries and lifted the match in his veer style, scoring 40 runs on 22 balls with five! five! 4s and twice 6s amazing performance, Lokesh with score 10 runs on 9 balls with one 4s and Rajesh Sorte (Not Out) with score 7 runs on 5 balls smashes Bangalore Strikers.

The results of the fair match say that the Bangalore Strikers won the toss but unfortunately couldn’t win the match because of less focus. Srinagar Ke Veer won the heart of the audience and won the match with four wickets. 

Bangalore Strikers 81/8 (10)

Bangalore Strikers batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge lost and runs lost: -6

Bunty Patel, 25 (11)
Thomas Dias, 21 (12)
Sunil Chawri, 10 (11)

Rajesh Sorte 3-21 (2)
Pritam Bari 2–15 (2)
Lokesh Lokesh 2-24 (2)

Srinagar Ke Veer 83/6 (8.2)

Srinagar Ke Veer’s batting and bowling performances are as follows: 50-50 Challenge won and runs lost: -1

Mohammed Nadeem, 40 (22)
Lokesh Lokesh 10 (9)
Rajesh Sorte 7 (5)

Prajjwal Somvanshi, 2–15 (2)
Mansoor KL 2-16 (2)
Saroj Pramanik, 2-16 (2)

ISPL Match 7 Awards 

Catch of the Match Award won by Navneet Parihar
The Man of the Match Award was won by Rajesh Sorte