Your Opinion Pays: Best Platforms To Predict and Earn Real Money

Best Platforms To Predict and Earn Real Money

We often predict what will happen in events like politics, sports, the economy, entertainment, etc. We do it almost all the time after quickly analyzing the trends. In fact, we feel proud and get praised when our predictions are accurate. If you observe, we all have the specific areas where our predictions turn out to be correct most of the time. Why not use this skill to earn some cash? You need a few online platforms where you can choose a genre of events and make predictions. These apps will pay out the cash rewards associated with the game when your predictions are correct. Here is the list of apps you can scout to place your opinion and win cash.

Top Platforms to Earn Money with Predictions

1.    MPL Opinio

MPL Opinio is the best platform for discovering opinion-based event cards generated focusing on cricket matches. Fans log into their accounts and select an event. For example, if you choose T20 or T10, it will show the event cards based on the upcoming matches. The questions on these event cards come with simple yes and no answers. All you have to do is predict who will win today’s match and select an answer. If your answer is correct, the cash reward is transferred directly to your MPL account. This app also allows you to choose events other than cricket. These interesting events cover topics like entertainment, cryptocurrency, and other sports. Hence, select your expertise and answer questions to win real cash rewards fast.

2.    MPL Crash Skill

Crash Skill is a unique game developed by MPL where a virtual rocket takes off. All you have to do is predict how high the rocket will rise before it crashes. Players can choose and place a bet before the rocket launches into the sky. As the rocket achieves height, the score multiplies. The score decides the payout a player can encash. For example, if you bet INR 10 and the score is multiplied twice, you get INR 20. Remember, you will have to encash before the rocket crashes. There are three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced modes. The beginner mode has a 2% risk of crashing.

Similarly, the intermediate and advanced modes have 4% and 6% crash probabilities. The risk probability is directly proportional to the bet multiplier. So, place your opinion and bet in Crash Skill to win instant cash rewards.

3.    MPL Fantasy Sports

MPL has another section of prediction games dedicated to fantasy sports. This app has created a sought-after platform online for sports lovers to create fantasy teams. It has three sports sections covering cricket, basketball, and football. You can choose a sports genre and check the upcoming events displayed on the app. Check which teams participate in a chosen event to make a fantasy team from scratch. Your fantasy team will then acquire points based on the selected players’ performance. Make sure you check the rules and the scoring system to understand how to maximize your points.

4.    VClub

 VClub is a prediction game app that allows you to predict colors. It offers a registration bonus of INR 121 for new users. The app shows a set of colors on its screen. You select colors and join a club defined by the available colors. If your club wins, you will get the associated cash reward credited to your VClub account. The minimum payout is INR 200. You can check the history of how the color clubs are chosen randomly and try to find a pattern. You can then make your own opinion by choosing a color club based on your observations. This is a fun game to play online and win real cash rewards. This app also offers referral programs to earn cash up to INR 200/user.

5.    Mantri Mall

Mantri mall is another exciting app for playing a color prediction game. You must choose a color among the three displayed on the screen. The bar will display a number, meaning there are three numbers with colors. Only one number will be chosen randomly. If your prediction is right, you will get the assigned cash reward credited instantly. This prediction game is very simple to play. All you have to do is predict color and wait. After the countdown ends, the result will be displayed on the screen. This app offers a joining bonus of INR 50. It also caters to a referral program. So, anyone joining with your referral code will add more joining bonuses to your account.

6.    Probo

Are you looking for an opinion-based prediction game that covers topics in economics, news, politics, entertainment, etc? Probo is the best choice for prediction games in current affairs, business, economy, news, etc. You can predict oil prices or brand acquisition outcomes to win cash prizes. This app offers the fastest news feed on events in which you prefer to play a prediction game. It also generates event cards where you can answer simple yes and no questions. Choose a domain from the news list, entertainment, politics, markets, current affairs, etc. Use your knowledge and experience to guess the outcome of an enlisted event to win instant cash rewards. If you lose, a penalty will be charged to your Probo account. You can also trade your opinion on this app. 

7.    Zupee Cricketbaaz

Zupee is one of the leading apps that offer online cricket prediction platforms. You can answer specific questions about the latest cricket events in ODI, test, T20, and T10 formats. Cricket fans test their knowledge of this sport by predicting match outcomes. This prediction app adds more thrills to watching a cricket match while predicting the outcomes. Join a tournament and answer six questions. You will get 15 seconds to answer each question. Score ten points for every correct answer. The top scorer on the leaderboard wins the highest cash rewards.

Verdict: Choose your prediction game today!

These are the best apps to play prediction games online. Choose a genre based on your knowledge and analytical skills. Choose an event and answer the associated questions. Follow the latest trends and news when you choose sports or current affairs as your game genre to make accurate predictions. Win cash rewards within a few minutes with your correct predictions.