No Virat, No Rahul and the Best Fielder Medal IND Vs South Africa goes to…

The introduction of these medals by fielding coach T Dilip has got the team pumped up as every player is keen to win the award with spectacular effort on the field. And the fielding coach has been getting creative with his ceremony in the dressing room.

If there’s anything more interesting than the Indian cricket team’s matches these days, it’s the videos of the team room celebrations, including the announcement of the ‘Fielder of the Match’ award. So far, fielding coach T Dileep has used a number of innovative methods, from announcing the name on the stadium’s giant screen to handing out the winner’s name and medal on the spider camera.

Best Fielder Medal IND Vs South Africa

India secured their place in the semi-finals of the 2023 World Cup by beating South Africa by 243 runs in Eden Gardens, Kolkata on Sunday, after which it was the turn of the Indian cricket legend to declare the winner.

Best Fielder Medal IND Vs South Africa (SA)?

As after the other matches this time also Dilip first gave a small speech himself, appreciating the efforts of the team on the field before he said the winner of the best fielder medal of IND vs SA.

All time remain active in fielding as always, This time the Best Fielder Medal IND Vs South Africa was won by Rohit Sharma.

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