Who won the Best Fielder of the Match Medal IND Vs SA?

Who won the Best Fielder Match Medal IND Vs SA ?

India hammered a win by 243 runs over South Africa, This time new entry for the best fielder of the match was given to Rohit Sharma against South Africa. This medal also given by the field coach T. Dilip, As like last match, this time name was announced in unique way, Coach T. Dilip asked to everyone to come out the dressing room, And asked to come a ground camera and asked all 4 contender in cyrcle and then camera focused towards Rohit Sharma and that’s how that announced the name of Rohit Sharma.

best fielder award ind vs sa

For Ind Vs SA there was tough competition between Ravindra Jadeja, Shreyas Iyer, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul.

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India hammer the SA team by 243 runs win, where King Kohli was 101*, Fire batting by Rohit 40(24) and in the end cameo by Jadeja 29(15), Jadeja also take 5 wickets.

Who Own’s Most Fielder of the Match Medals

Fielder NameMedal’sMatch
KL Rahul2Vs Pakistan & England
Shreyas Iyer2Vs New Zealand, Sri Lanka
Ravindra Jadeja1Vs Bangladesh,
Virat Kohli1Vs Australia
Shardul Thakur1Vs Afghanistan
Rohit Sharma1Vs South Africa

What is Fielder of the Match Medal?

The Cricket World Cup 2023 has seen exceptional batting and bowling performances, as well as a popular tradition introduced by Team India coach T Dilip. The “Best Fielder Medal” is awarded to standout fielders in each match. A tradition that has become a much-anticipated event after every match.

Fielding coach T Dilip has introduced an innovative tradition to award the Best Fielder Medal to players. Aiming to enhance competitiveness and motivate them to improve their fielding standards. The medal was introduced following a recent series against Australia where the Indian team’s performance left much to be desired.

The new approach has gained significant attention, with innovative announcements adding excitement to the medal presentation. Despite some lapses in catching, the Indian team has showcased outstanding ground fielding, raising the bar for fielding standards in the tournament.