ISPL’s Chennai Singams (Chennai team) launched team logo

The Indian Street Premier League franchise, Chennai Singams has unveiled its logo for the eagerly anticipated first season of the league.

The roaring Lion emblem represents the immense power and courage of Chennai. The logo beautifully reflects ISPL’s goal to combine stadium and street cricket. The logo’s accented gold color represents the splendor and beauty of Chennai.

Chennai Singams

“Both me and Sandip are not only entrepreneurs but also very passionate about the sport and this is reflected in the fact that we own several clubs in MCA which apart from us have talented players like Sudhir Naik, Zaheer Khan, Wasim Jaffer, Rajesh Pawar, Raju Sutar and Nilesh Kulkarni have become owners of the North Mumbai Panthers, which plays in the Mumbai T20 Premiere League, and the Saraswati Sports Complex in Mumbai, which offers good sports facilities.

Women’s cricket is another focus area that we want to develop and currently we have formed a team through the National Cricket Club of which five women and five men are part of the Mumbai State team in the BCCI.”Rajdip kumar Gupta, (co-owner of Chennai Singams)

The ISPL is India’s first-ever T10 tennis ball cricket event, scheduled to begin on March 6 until March 15, 2024 in Mumbai. The event promises to be an exciting show of cricketing skills with 19 matches featuring six teams: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Srinagar.